difffilter: filter unified diff patches!

difffilter is a traditional unix filter which reads unified diff data from standard input. While reading each unified diff header's filename specification, it checks if any of the POSIX Extended Regular expressions matches. If there is a match, that diff won't be written to output. However, all other (unmatched) diffs in a patch will be written to standard output. difffilter also supports making other modifications to diffs and more advanced filtering options.


Documentation is shipped with the sources and installed as a manpage using the txt2man(1) utility. You may read difffilter(1) online. Particularly, see the EXAMPLES section of difffilter(1).


Ubuntu users may use binki's PPA to install difffilter.


difffilter depends on the following packages:


Please report bugs against difffilter at our bugtracker. Also, feel free to speak to binki directly via email or in ohnopub#ohnopublishing.

Nathan Phillip Brink (binki) <ohnobinki at oh no publishing dot net> a.k.a. apostrophe
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