lcab: Cabinet File Creation Tool

./^-. lcab is a Cabinet File Creation Tool written by Rien <>;. Everybody references lcab's homepage as, but that address has become invalid in the last year or so. The latest known release is 1.0_b12 and is accessible at my website among other places:

Because of the lack of development and lack of a homepage, I am willing to act as a temporary maintainer. This means that I will maintain a Mercurial repository of the latest code plus a few fixes that I or anyone introduces. For now, I'm mostly concerned with addressing compiler warnings and evaluating/incorporating patches against lcab provided by different distributions.


You may use our local Bugzilla instance to report and track bugs


You may checkout the code with the following:

$ hg clone

lcab Resources


Anyone knows that all good projects have cool logos. I felt creative one night (or early morning), so I came up with this: ./^-.

Nathan Phillip Brink (binki) <ohnobinki at oh no publishing dot net> a.k.a. apostrophe
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